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year: 2016

runtime: 1 H, 45min

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Gonçalo Galvão Teles

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A soldier-turned-high school teacher uses unusual methods to reach to a class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of fighters as well as the government
6,4 / 10
981 Vote
Creators Tai-lee Chan
Action, Drama

Cinema Torrent Action A Cinema Of Discontent

USA, Iran. liked it 13 Vote. 7,5 of 10. runtime 1 hour 25M. genre Documentary

Genre family Quadrophenia: Live in London rarbg torrent index imdb 5164558 (mobile) 175

Roger Daltrey
1 Hours 36 m
19 vote
release year - 2014
Review - Concert film of The Who's July 8, 2013 show at Wembley Arena in London where they performed their classic album "Quadrophenia" in its entirety

Temporary Spirits is a movie starring Peter Barfield, Steven Swan, and Kate Marshall. Temporary Spirits, a dark romantic comedy about four people that share the same dreams. rating 5,8 / 10 stars. Vicky Gaskin. country UK. 1 hours 19 M

DepositFiles Adventure Aadha Love

Movie info=Aadha Love is a movie starring Biki Gurung, Tika Pahari, and Rojisha Shahi. People show how love can betrayed and turning your true love to half love


Arpan Thapa

Directors=Arpan Thapa

Putlocker Le Voyage Inachevé 96

Reviews Baha'a is preparing to leave the war-torn city of Aleppo to return to his hometown, with other travelers he will have to stop because of ongoing fighting. Foreigners are stuck to each other, they will try to bring back to life a destroyed village while waiting for the end of the war. Would she finish one day?
release year 2018
Writers Samah Kattal

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ratings=7,2 / 10

directed by=Stephen Bridgewater

Change of Heart is a TV movie starring Lindsay Wagner, Rick Malambri, and John Ratzenberger. Driving to a new place for the TV show she produces, Diane McCarthy found by accident a charming bed and breakfast run by Helen. Every

Liked it=334 votes


4Shared Smart The Relationship Torrent Film

Story: Josh Hurts finally in a happy relationship. This is of course until vomiting Vicars, stalking ex girlfriends, alcoholic best friends and excessive amounts of property destruction threaten to make him single again very soon. Thought finding love was hard? Try keeping it Genre: Comedy country: UK Cast: Joanne Dawn, Riccardo Provenzano

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1 H, 55min
directed by - Emir Mavitan
Resume - A visionary, hollywoodish movie from the middle east which is created by 2 young turkish producers who are trying to change mentality of the region. We believe that we can produce projects like some of the great examples, such as lotr, hobbit, star wars series etc. well we know, its a long way to go but we believe it is possible and our first feature ''nomad'' is the first step of a long journey

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  1. Synopsis - Claire is a midwife in a maternity hospital. She is humane and helpful and gives herself entirely to her patients. But despite that her life is not a bed of roses. Her hospital is about to close its doors and the devoted woman is determined not to work in the new modern hospital she regards as a "baby factory". Her personal life is no triumph either: she is single and does not make friends easily. To make matters worse, her student son Simon is gradually leaving home, as he is developing a relationship with his new sweetheart Lucie. It is the moment that Béatrice, her dead father's former mistress, chooses to resurface. The eccentric, spendthrift, sensual, amoral woman (Claire's exact opposite in fact) is really the last kind of person she needs to mix with. But Béatrice soon informs her that she suffers from brain cancer and she has nobody else to turn to. Torn between rejection and duty, what is Claire going to do?
  2. Actors - Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot
  3. genre - Drama
  4. Average ratings - 7,2 / 10
  5. country - Belgium


casts=Evan Hannemann
average Ratings=4,5 / 10 Star
liked it=117 vote
Warren Sheppard

Apple tv HDR 123movies El Candidato movshare

casts - Bernie Paz, Saskia Bernaola

Genres - Comedy

Release date - 2016

country - Peru

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