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Actor: Ingvar Palmén Ratings: 7,9 / 10 stars Short Paula Korva Hanna Kuirinlahti

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  • Directed by: René Ballesteros
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Countries: Chile
  • writer: Johanne Schatz

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Release Year: 2012

star: Daniil Lazarenkov



runtime: 60 M

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resume: A celebration of singer and television presenter Cilla Black's lorra lorra years in show business; Creators: Giles Boden; 2013; 16 Votes; directed by: Jonathan Bullen

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rating=42 Vote. Kristi Zea. runtime=1hours, 0 minute. Reviews=A determined single mother, with nothing but guts and vision, breaks through notorious art world barriers to become one of the preeminent painters of our time. rating=5,9 / 10 Star

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audience score: 24 vote
Mike Bazzi
In the deep remnants of our heart, we are all a bunch of psychopaths, wearing straitjackets called consciousness. A film about the sacrifices we are willing to make in order to attain our goals. A story about the constant struggle between the innocent desire for love and affection, put against the bitter thirst for power and supremacy. A tale of two brothers on the opposite sides of the bi-polar coin called life. On one side stands an ex-con full of regret: Rado has just come out prison, trying to rebuild his life and reconcile with his family. His brother Martin, on the other side, has become an acrimonious and vengeful gang leader, with a take no prisoners' attitude. He is in charge of a group that smuggles cocaine, disguised as protein supplements. He despises his brother, accusing Rado for the death of their mother, the only person that ever took care of them. Martin's main business opposition is Peter: a cunning, loudmouth wiseguy with a charismatic personality. The plot thickens when Peter, who is a childhood friend of Rado's, tries to persuade him to join his gang of misfits, in order to gain a swift advantage against Martin's organization. Caught amidst all of the commotion are Victoria and Assya, who pay a great price for being involved with the wrong people, at the wrong time. As the uneasy conflict unfolds, both gang groups are recalled by their overseeing mob boss, the Kaiser. The powerful puppet master has one last important task for Martin, raising the stakes of the game even higher. What are you prepared to sacrifice in order to become the monster of your dreams?
Genre: Action

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Release Date 2018. actor Bitten Damgaard. Anne Holst Moulvad. summary Farvekraft ad helvede til is a movie starring Søren Dahl, Bitten Damgaard, and Knud Damgaard. This portrait of Jens Søndergaard, one of Denmarks greatest expressionist painters, provides an insight to a sensitive artist - at the

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writed by=Stefano Tummolini, Mattia Betti. 5,3 / 10 Stars. Stefano Tummolini. runtime=1h 38 Min. Genres=Drama

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Movie info=A documentary that explores why society loves to watch death and gore in movies actor=Kim Culpepper Documentary, Horror USA


Genre - Thriller. tomatometers - 5,6 of 10. writed by - Nick Marshall. Scores - 241 Votes. 90 minute

4,1 of 10 stars Rating 367 vote Star Christina Orbakaite, Denis Paramonov release year 2011 Russia

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writed by - Atalay Tasdiken / genres - Comedy / Tugce Maden, Fahri Sezgin / Reviews - Arama moturu is a movie starring Mithat Bakir, Mehmet Cigdem, and Tugce Maden. The funny story of a village near Konya, where all folks are in seek of something: water, wife, treasure, respect etc / Director - Atalay Tasdiken

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Le Paon de Nuit is a movie starring Yifei Liu, Leon Lai, and Ye Liu. Elsa (Crystal Liu Yifei) is a musician who spends her time between France and China. In the western city of Chengdu, she meets Ma Rong (Leon Lai) who is an expert / writer=Sijie Dai, Sijie Dai / 111 Vote / Directed by=Sijie Dai / user rating=4,8 of 10 stars

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description=I dine hænder is a movie starring Lisa Carlehed, Peter Plaugborg, and Johanna Wokalek. Maria is a young and caring nurse who wants to break free. Niels is an incurable patient who wants to travel to Switzerland to commit assisted

227 Votes

Average Ratings=6,8 of 10

Casts=Peter Plaugborg

Duration=1Hours 28 Minute


Liked it: 22 votes
review: In July 1967, Detroit experienced one of America's most violent civil disturbances. To tell that story in an emblematic way, this film fuses rare archival footage from the era - including newsreel, educational films and more than 400 reels of home movies donated by Detroiters - along with illustrations. The narrative combines contemporary interviews, oral histories, radio broadcasts and dispatch recordings to create an immersive film experience that transports the audience back in time to explore the causes and aftermath of Detroit's most pivotal moment in history
writer: Kathy Kieliszewski
directed by: Brian Kaufman
genre: Documentary

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