Story=Reality changes according to the words we use to define it. The Brave Class is an experimental documentary investigating the importance of political language in our way of understanding the world. It counts on the analysis of over 20 experts such us Owen Jones, George Lakoff, Íñigo Errejón, Christian Salmon o Iñaki Gabilondo and other important people in political communication. During the 2015 Barcelona elections we tried to introduce a concept into daily speech of politicians and communication experts, uncovering their manipulation mechanisms. The challenge involved many different people in actions of public intervention, urban art and other forms of social activism / 2017 / Rating=27 votes / Documentary / Director=Victor Alonso-Berbel

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No se porque pero he visto esa novela mas de 10 beses, pero tiene algo que me ase que lo vea.


Just watched this film it's amazing and really funny. Verified website full hd clase valiente 1. Muy buena pelicula. Brave was one of my favorite movie when i was little and it always will be. Verified website full hd clase valiente hd.

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Verified website full hd clase valiente de. Soy el único q está viendo en el 2018. La mejor novela 😍 2018 y todavía no la superó 🙋.

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Lo mejor de 2019❤️. Y si, es la version final.


2019 alguien 😍😍. Zlkskygdolzusoowuegkdy Idmdgnzgzznhzsngdbdtdmdyud. @ojitosverdez Este es el tercer trailer. El primero está en: watch?v=0t4uTlcsJl4&feature=plcp&context=C356de8fUDOEgsToPDskJBei_kqhQ-3Wxb2omsJD8n Y el segundo en: watch?v=em5V_HNCvPM&feature=plcp&context=C320beccUDOEgsToPDskKEvhKKuVtrl5cCH0aT-iyz. Y yo aquí perdiendo el tiempo del 2018 al 2019 esperando. v. Love these trailers! In 3 minutes i watched the whole movie. Like si te llena el alma. Yo la qu7iero ver Pero no puedo en el cine Estoy esperando verla en el cine.


Mérida mi personaje favorita kisiera yo ser como ella. If ye had a chance tu cheang yer feet,    would ya cheang them tuh wheels. Quiero que se estrene 2019. Muy bueno. Esta novela é muito boa, deveria passar no SBT é uma das melhores excelentes atores. Love this clip! It felt like “Coco: The Ride.”. Anyone notice the Apple Icon on the side. Disney puyo. I cried so much at the end of this film. Yo la aun veo en 2017 l quiero segunda temporada. es la mejor novela.




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