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average Rating: 5,4 / 10

Summary: A Royal Christmas Ball is a TV movie starring Tara Reid, Ingo Rademacher, and Mira Furlan. Dateless for the Christmas ball, 39 year old bachelor King Charles of Baltamia tracks down his American college sweetheart only to discover

genre: Romance, Drama

release year: 2017

duration: 86 M

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Other Cinderella story 2.0. This has the right amount of everything. I loved it. Also if they make a Tangled live action, that guy playing the sous chef friend has got Prince Naveen on lock. He's beautiful. I mean both guys are handsome, Vanessa is gorgeous, and that little girl is adorable but he stuck out to me because I couldn't unsee him as Prince Naveen. Cheesy movie fits the cheesy me😍😍😍.

I liked her accent is quite good 😉 It may not be the most original story but who about christmas and holidays. And nothing can be toooo cheesy on christmas. This movie is amazing O. Love Lacey Chabert. GLASS and Escape Room. THE BEST ACTION MOVIES. I was so excited to see this movie, but then it wasnt on any of my channels last night :   i hope it comes on again somewhere. This is so beautiful! Thank you. I didn't have any issues with this movie. However, it was an ION Channel premier movie and the ION Channel isn't high quality or high definition viewing. And yes, it probably could have had better directing in terms of the editing. I kept seeing the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego in this movie (I've been there many times, so I know that seen very well) and they were calling it some other hotel in Los Angeles. I thought the plot was alright. I just don't really like watching less than high definition channels because I'm spoiled with the picture quality on them. I was with and at my mother's (a 71 yr old she is) when she chose this movie for us to watch on the ION channel. These baby boomer's are not that picky when it comes to television and technological quality. I keep telling them, you get what you pay for in most cases, but they are all deaf ears at this point in their lives. So I just let it be. I was fine with this movie through to the end. It turned out OK despite the editing. I don't think it was filmed in San Diego. I think they 'edited-in' shots of the Hotel Del Coronado, but I'm not convinced it was filmed there. I was trying to recognize more of it, but I never got a solid or clear vision that would tell me it was filmed there. It's best to watch it once all the way through and then formulate an opinion of your own.

A full movie on yt? W O W. This reminded me of Monte Carlo lol. I can remember some parts are in many movies. like cinderella,maleficent. Lol new I was right. Nice to see Netflix take a break from showcasing edgy and intelligent exclusives to.


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