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GASP My precious boi. 3.



I romanced the guy with my female elf character, for me Cullen is an interesting character bouncing between anti and pro mage before winding up in the middle. I like him... He reminds me of the NCO's I served with who had seen some pretty horrible things in Nam, but still carried on, persevered. Damaged, but healing. a loving family helps. my personal demons were pre service mostly... but I know how that works, pouring yourself into your profession to try and hold on to some sense of self worth... Cullen values the lives of his men... knowing nothing else about him, that is enough by itself for me to like him. No Soldier likes feeling totally expendable... Yes, you can easily die in service, and are prepared inside for that possibility... but you want your superiors to spend your life as if it were his own family. I was Honored to serve under, with such men... Cullen. yeah... the way he's written, I can empathize with him. he's like men I knew.

My Surana would have killed him if he could, oh well. Oh, so would Hawke... Money buys freedom. Cullen is so adorable, I like him a lot. For me, Blackwall summed up Cullens character really well. Hes got the look of someone tired beyond his years. Hes seen the best and the worst of humanity and struggles with where that leaves him.

I just discovered Dragon Age, and channel. I really love your work

Cullen is one of my favorite characters, not just because of the romance, and I am just so happy with his story arc. I hope they leave him out of DA4 just for the sake of allowing this man to finally have some peace (hopefully, based on your choices for him. She cheated on her husband with him and Cullen left his wife for her It's funny Karma bit em both in the ass Children always pay for the sins of the parent. God says so. Sorry for that little girl. All for money and power. Her mother and that Cullen were pretty disgusting humans.



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