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Drama; Star: Paul Nygro; directed by: Ryan Taylor Lopez; country: USA; Runtime: 73Min

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0:54 Naomi Rapace is beautiful. Goodnight sweet prince. Rewatching Sopranos at long last. Phenomenal cast tackling a universal theme brilliantly. Thanks. James galdolfini, what a legend tom must of felt honoured working with him. SHADOW BOXING mp4 I&recommend&the&site&Shadow Shadow (HDRip. Came for Tom Hardy; stayed for Tom Hardy.  (no homo hes fantastic. Shadowboxing.

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Tom Hardy's New York accent sounds spot on. This movie should call how he became Bane lol. Always impressed how non-Americans can pull off very convincing American characters- Tom and Noomi really did this one credit from what I can tell.






One of the best movies in recent years. Amazing movie.


I cry whit this movie. If James Gandolfini is as good in this movie as he was in “The Sopranos” Ill be glad to have thought about buying this movie. Needs motivation to workout - watches southpaw.


Fear not, Rocky fans. Creed not only delivers on our highest expectations, but exceeds them. A near perfect film, with truly moving performances. A must see. I just finished watching this movie and I loved it XD ! It was amazing and had many life lessons involved. yet I never watched a single Rocky film... 😂. Tom Hardy looks like a young Marlon Brando. An extremely underrated and engrossing film, with great performances by so many actors. I must have watched it on cable half a dozen times and never tired of seeing it. Miss you, James. and, Tom, you dominate the screen every scene youre in. Worth your time, no doubt.

This trailer was the whole movie. I am tired of reading that. Be original guys. What Melinda Dillon does in this movie is fine, fine work. Look at the scene where she realizes what she's done by perpetuating the myth of Claire. It's not just an actress acting. Dillon IS Agnes. 2:30 is that 50 cent😱 I hear Eminem 😂💖.



King Ring. Android Shadow. Always. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. I see Tom Hardy doing excellent in a role like this. Damn. I wished I didn't watch the trailer and just jumped in cold. Would have been crazy shocker not knowing his wife gets shot and killed. UNDISPUTED IV YURI BOYKA. Android shadow boxing player. Android shadow box. Favorite movie of all time. Android Shadow boeing. Tom Hardy is a sweet heart, versatile actor.


Gyllenhaal played really goooooood there. Android Shadow boing boing.


I have a great Idea for Creed 2. Since Carl Weathers is too old to reprise his role for Apollo Creed. Record Stallone and Carl Weathers doing a Radio Interview during the events of Rocky 3 or Rocky 4 talking about the upcoming fight. It would be a good way to get another fresh look at their relationship, talking about training for the fight, laughing together, and have them talk about how they went from enemies to best of friends or something like that. Have Adonis and Rocky listen to it heard it here first! get this idea to Ryan Coogler. Such a good movie. Jake's such a phenomenal actor and he's underrated. 2:07 - 2:23 goosebumps. He better hope Clubber Lang has no son.

Android shadow boxing 2. Shadowboxing. The end scene in the bar gives me goosebumps.






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