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Waldemar Januzczak
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writer Waldemar Januzczak
Holbein: Eye of the Tudors is a TV movie starring Waldemar Januzczak. A survey of Hans Holbein's career from his beginnings as a religious painter to his work for Henry VIII and beyond. The program also includes a close analysis of

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What a life, he lived every minute. for real, with good and bad things. 3:39 haha then the king goes and kills him. Jonathan is SO HANDSOME... I wish I had his. Dont be jealous he's HOT. I love this show. Showtime seriously needs to make one about Marie Antoinette next. Damn, this show is THE SHIT. o/ o. @pdana81 one of henrys wives after anne gave him a son. his name was edward and he was very sickly so he died while he was king.

He's in Bend It Like Beckham! He's the couch Joe. And I must admit, he's completely hott. See all of my video's and show a caring heart because a lot of children are still being killed in the crossfire in Iraq and Afganistan.


LOVE IT. For the fact that she actively persued a MARRIED MAN and didn't give a flying fig about his poor wife, even trying to get her and her daughter executed at one point. The only reason she held out on him was to keep him interested long enough to marry her. Great role model indeed, if you're into manipulative golddigers...


The Tooders, lol. I love this scene. A man knowing the end of his life is near... flashing back to the memories of his youth and when he was great. It is well done indeed. One of the best shows on the tele, HOUSE is also super great. Blues guitar power solos from hell. I don't know how many noticed the sparrow flying through the church at the very end of the scene. right before the credits rolled. I loved that sparrow at the end, flying through the church. This is was a superb scene, a look at his life, within the span of viewing his new portrait by Hans Holbein. There were so many wonderful flashbacks into his life and there are 2 that really spoke to me. First, the execution of Sir Thomas More which from what I understand haunted him for the rest of his life, and essentially providing Mores execution, not only into hands of our Lord but as well, eventually leading to his canonization by the Catholic Church. The second scene showing a little bit more mature Henry, playing cards with Anne of Cleves who was not only a Queen of England but also, a beautiful and woman full of kindness. So, although there were some weaker parts in the entire series of the Tudors, I feel deep down that this entire vignette to be one of my favourite in the entire series.

Whats a HYPER SEX DRIVE. I love Anne Boelyn, she's my favorite wife. and Jonathon Rhys Meyers is so hot. i love this show. Woow over 21. mio. vew's.



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