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Year: 2017

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The Human Face


Plague Inc. has come to life.


I feel like they both have same voices. Damn I can hear the race baiting SJWs now...


I feel like Javier Bardem picks his movies by the love scene & actress attached lol. This is the shittiest movie of all time. Good concept, but EVERYTHING else about this movie absolutely sucks. To all the people who are worried that this could happen in real life: Thankfully it would never work. The centipede would fall apart at the seams as soon as someone sneezed(yes, a human sneeze is that strong. and you could never be forced to eat someone's poop. You'd simply vomit the shit out through your nose and that'd be the end of it. There's a chance that you'd have trouble breathing or choke on your own vomit but the point is: You can't be biologically forced to swallow poop, and a human centipede would never work.



The images and stories captured in The Human Face of Big Data are the result of an extraordinary artistic, technical, and logistical juggling act aimed at capturing the human face of the Big Data Revolution. Big Data is defined as the real time collection, analyses, and visualization of vast amounts of the information.


Five Freaky Creatures with Human Faces and Features. Evolution Hasn't Stopped: This is what the Human Face Will.


Creatures with human faces - whether the result of evolution or the inventive efforts of mankind - have fascinated us from time immemorial. Here are five creatures that display amusing, surprising, and disturbing human features. The Human Face.



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