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resume: Forsaken is a movie starring Jay Johnson, Rachel Closs, and Ben Akina. In a war-ravaged land, the people of Illyria, battered and afraid, turn their backs on their God Theos and cry out for one of their own to be king. One man rises / Genre: Fantasy / Directors: Josh Fapp / Actor: Matthew Berg

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Watching at Christmas 2019 VV Merry Christmas. This trailer sucks. Big Boss is back. Memories of the past. And i still dont know why most indian youtubers have names with Tech on it E.g : Pirate Tech, Sunny Tech. Its my hair style ♥. I see why ken does not like Cody he has been cheatef on so many times. A really powerful song with an epic movie. This video is amazing, you really have great editing skills :D I'm in awe.


Feeding, raping. 9/10 this movie was awesome 😃😃.

Fantastic what more can you say love it 👏👏👏👏👏

This was a great movie :p. Love the movie and songs on the soundtrack. He even looks like a devil lol. Haha and you thought your fav youtuber gamers are god... here you go my friends😂. I walk amongst you,feeding and my hand now and be for thought eh. Send Aimbob and wallgana 😂. How about checking out Unforgiven from 1992 with Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood instead. However, Michael Wincott has surely been missed the last 15 years or so. Amazing. This song was so good that it gave me chills. I loved Queen of the Damned and the CD was awsome. They got the right people to sing for it. Have you heard the sond Manson did for it? Cry for You? It's so sad...


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