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What about when Kyle Katarn stole the Deathstar plans and then discovers his connection to the Force and protects the Valley of the Jedi from the 7 dark Jedi. Watch movie watch. Last Ones" Source Found here Last Ones Read more on the website Last "Watch {Last} Movie Online Watch.

I read the leaks for Rise of Skywalker. Came here to center myself

Remember when we were all hyped for this movie? yeah those were good times. Remember when there was hope. A part of me wishes all of this was canon.


Canon episode 7 and onwards are jokes compared to the legend storyline. Whos here after the final rise of skywalker trailer just to remind themselves what happened last time a Star Wars movie had a good trailer. Jed-eye order. How things have deteriorated in my absence... 2019: taking one last look 2022: just kidding. 1:26 when that music hits 😭.


Rey: “People keep saying that they know me.” Random NPC from Red Dead Redemption 2: “Whos this then?”.

How Long Last

Last See website w*a&t,ch full e"n& f`ilm. I swear, everytime i watch this trailer, i see Valkorion smiling when Arcann try to kill him. That music at the end brings tears to my eyes, every time 😪. Great vid. But didnt Ulic Quel-droma kill his brother in a jedi archive on some unknown planet. “The saga ends.” It already did. Just watch Return of the Jedi. I can just picture someone saying hmm I wonder if there is any back story to star wars oh look heres a video there probably isn't much *taps vid 13 billion years ago the galaxy was formed Oh umm ok.

Not a huge fan of episode VIII, but this is still one of my favorite trailers of all time. A+ marketing and phenomenal music.






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