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Directed by Luke Korzun Martin countries UK Documentary Tomatometer 8,7 of 10 Stars

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All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride




Whilst having been a fan of Nordic Noir for years,I've never taken a look at the other most famous TV genre of Nordic TV: Slow TV." Catching the ending last year,I was thrilled to find the BBC repeating their Slow TV X-Mas special,which led to me getting on the sleigh.
The outline of the doc:
Following a historical postal route,the film makers follow two Samis women going on a 3 mile journey with reindeer and sleighs in Karasjok, Norway, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
View on the film:
Holding back on any score or narration to set the mood, director Luke Korzun Martin instead walks on a warm Ambient Post-Rock atmosphere, brushed with the earthy sounds of leaves and hooves,and the exchanges between the Samis people being left without subtitles in order to keep the rich ambiance brewing.
Filming the event in real time over 4 days and then choosing the best take, they only had 4 hours of light each day) camerawomen Justine Evans shows an incredible focus,with the camera moving from the back of the sleigh to the front of the reindeer's with an impressive smoothness. Giving background info to the journey in tasteful effects shots overlaying the travel with photos and text,Martin chimes an enchanting Christmassy appearance,via Evan's shots on the ground being inter-cut with vast crane shots hovering above the magical sleigh ride.

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