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  1. Genre Horror
  2. Rating 763 vote
  3. Brief A young woman reawakens evil forces in a house a notorious crime occurred
  4. Country USA
  5. 2012

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The story is another thing that seems to be getting a bashing. The story was what kept me watching. It isn't a retelling of the Lizzie Borden murders as some seem to think, they simply used the original story and expanded on it. There was nothing that I didn't understand after the movie finished and nothing disjointed about the story. Everyone is saying the acting is really bad, I disagree. A couple of lines throughout the movie were delivered poorly but they were few and far between. I would rate the acting better than average as I have seen some real stinkers.


I had this movie in my watch list for some time and had avoided watching it after reading all of the negative reviews. I eventually decided to give it a go and it was much better than I expected.




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