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2013; Lisa Diener; Writers - Lisa Diener; countries - Canada, USA; Abstract - Follow a handful of diverse hikers as they walk 2,663 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. They begin in April at the U.S. Mexico border and battle their way through bone-dry deserts in Southern California, icy mountain passes in the High Sierra and the torrential rains of the Pacific Northwest. 5 months later, they may reach their final destination in Canada. Equipped with cameras to record their video journals, they give us an insider's view into what it takes to spend half a year living in the wild. From Billygoat (chronic hiker and John Muir look-alike) to Scott Williamson (the world's greatest endurance athlete that no one's ever heard of), their collective tales illustrate the power of wilderness to transform, renew and inspire

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Commitment - a term we banter about in relationship to many cloud bourne ideas - but commitment is something this gratifying film by director Lisa Diener is all about. It is not a film to review or to describe - it is a film to experience.
The two hours of this movie details the 2600+ miles of the Pacific Coast Trail that hikers committed to experiencing nature and getting in touch with survival and solitude witness yearly. Some are repeaters, some are newcomers, and in this film we get to know a group of these people from all over the world and follow them through the course of the hike. The hike begins at the border between Mexico and California (Campo) and proceeds through to Agua Dulce, Kennedy Meadows, Mt Whitney, Forrester Pass, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mt Lassen, Mt Shasta, then into Oregon through Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness and Mt Hood, and then into Washington at Cascade Locks, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Mt Rainier, Snoqualamie Pass and finally to the border of Washington and Canada at Manning Park.
The hikers walk with back packs carrying food and water at a rate of approximately 20 miles per day and the entire hike takes 5 months to complete. The hikers are caller Thru-Hikers - a brand of hikers that are not just casual walkers but committed spirits who gain more from the adventure than words can express. Along the way they encounter Trail Angels (people who give them shelter and nourishment and encouragement in exchange for the dazzling stories of the adventures of struggling through the wild. There are places known as Hiker Heaven where friends of the hikers can mail supplies to help the hikers on their journey.
The many joys of watching this film are appreciating the beauty of nature ( Set design by Mother Nature' and hearing the response of the hikers as they fully appreciate and experience daybreak and nightlight and the gloaming. The photography is breathtakingly beautiful and the accompanying music is fitting for life in the wild.
Perhaps few of us would be able to endure the full hike, but it is a joy to live it through the warmly friendly Thru-Hikers who reintroduce us to the magnificence of nature. This film is food for the soul - restorative, nourishing and inspiring.
Grady Harp.

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