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Creator Alen Drljevic / Audience Score 514 Vote / review Muskarci ne placu is a movie starring Boris Isakovic, Leon Lucev, and Emir Hadzihafizbegovic. In an empty Serbian hotel becomes one more battleground in the ceaseless Yugoslav Wars. Nearly 20 years after the official end of / director Alen Drljevic / duration 98 Minutes

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I went to see this film the other day honestly expecting another straightforward post-war treatise on the horrors of war on the terrritories of former Yugoslavia. Instead, I got something much more nuanced and even therapeutic. This is a story about a group of participants of these wars that gathers in present day in a remote location in central Bosnia, trying to work through thorugh their various forms of PTSD through group therapy. The men belong to different warring factions, the goal of the therapy being to confront former enemies to achieve better results. They start by playing banal therapeutic games that on one hand morph into all-night drinking sessions. On the other hand, the group therapy evolves into role playing, where the participants have to describe and then play out their most defining shameful or hurtful events. As details of individual personal histories come to light, the situation becomes very volatile.
It is a testament to the amazing acting skills of the entire cast, that the viewer cannot remain emotionally uninvolved. As has been written elsewhere, the road to forgiveness begins by forgiving yourself. Which proves to be especially difficult in a culture where the boys are not supposed to cry but rather pretend that everything is fine. All this makes for a compelling viewing experience.
Even though the film ending remains uncompromisingly open, this is much more realistic and true to life than any kind of studio-designed narrative. Also, the film as a whole could be interpreted as the first step on the rocky path towards redemption and reconciliation.

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