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description=I dine hænder is a movie starring Lisa Carlehed, Peter Plaugborg, and Johanna Wokalek. Maria is a young and caring nurse who wants to break free. Niels is an incurable patient who wants to travel to Switzerland to commit assisted

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Casts=Peter Plaugborg

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Leds germany. Because of the subject matter, many will turn away from this film for political reasons. In the US, this is a subject that has not been address nationally and should be. All who have questions or concerns about assisted suicide would gain some valuable insight to the process and need for this option-but-not everyone agrees with me, of that I am certain. I loved everything about In You Arms-the end. The reviewers want me to have TEN LINES for this review for some reason ? so I am filling space here. This is my first attempt at reviewing a film so I don't know the drill. I hope that when I push the SEND buttom this time my review is accepted.

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