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2017. Countries - USA. Writer - Shihyun Wang

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We can still do something



Wow, you blew up Windows. Respect. Yeah. I love this channel. Remember kids, the limit is 30 stick of dynamite. But i wanted to see the dynamite explode. I can't wait to hear this at our wedding. Huehue, heart attack reference.


3:34 I cannot give some useful information here, that's not how my channel works. SUBSCRIBED

Oh this stirs a fire. Just as Trent intended. 👌. Yes, the strange face Ill never probably see, I hope this day brings you the upmost joy. Take a short second today to just breathe and be thankful. Tell someone you love them, lifes to short to be upset, someone will always be doing worse than you and you will realise, it really aint worth it. It gets better, appreciate the simple beauty of having a life.


There are 73 people that have NO ear. OMG.




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