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Motoi Sakuraba GOD.

Drake y josh. Me divertiré mucho con esos modos de juego (pelota globo y pelota rápida. Espero que se puedan jugar en línea. Lmao, even the YouTube visual content identifier thinks that this is Angry Birds. Ông vn ak.



Tämäkin idea kopiotu dollarinkuvat silmissä Angry birdsistä mitään uutta annettavaa ollut. What is the name of this game bro. Buenos videos Dante se agradese bastante tu tiempo as mejorado mucho.




I remember loving the Wii fit board when I was young. This looks like just as much, if not more fun. I just love nintendo swich I hope my dad buy me it for this Christmas. Kojima: I've created a new gaming genre with Death Stranding. Nintendo: Hold my ring-con.







Watch full swing game of thrones. Guys here's a message to all of you because oh my god we have to do the right thing here! DO. NOT. RESPOND. TO. BOTS. just report them and don't reply! We can make this comment section a better place! Let's do this for Jack. Watch Full Swing gameblog. Jack: what if I. Me: WHAT IF IM THE MONSTER. Watch full swing game free. Watch Full Swing. Watch Full Swing game of thrones. I'm not going to lye. But if my parents take me on a road trip, this seems like a game I would play endlessly. It does look repetitive but I really do think that if you're very bored, this could be fun.

Thank God Legend27 don't play Overwatch. Just great. I search for Electro Swing Overwatch and get this master piece. 8:08 ooowiii wwoooowwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii XD. Watch Full Swing game 2. The first spider-man movie game was the only spiderman game that i enjoyed... 9:19 the explosions go with the song. He look like he stuck on some type of invisable beam cus he bounces back to it.

Watch Full Swing game play. Part I I stood on my porch with my dog, staring down at the light in the pond in disbelief. I was looking for reasons that could explain it. Or, more like I was frantically ginning up explanations as to how this could be a hoax or some kind of ruse. Some kinda battery powered light, or I guess it could be solar? Those considerations were drowned out by select portions of what my ol neighbor Dan had told me the previous weekend, which were streaming through my mind like those stock tickers at the bottom of a news broadcast… You don’t need to freak out, just cease what you’re doing and get a fire started – a little fire good enough to heat up some water – when you see the light for the first time, start a fire and call us – if you don’t start the fire after seeing the light and hear drums, get in the truck and leave as fast as you can. My dog was still looking up at the tree line with his hackles raised, letting out low growls with each exhale. What had him worked up? a wolf? bear? cougar? coyotes maybe? He usually just barks at mammals bigger than him, he doesn’t growl or act like this, even when we run into bears on hikes. Furthermore, even though there was only a bit of light left in the western sky, I could clearly see there weren’t any animals in the meadow between us and the forest line. Failing to find anything explainable as the source of my dog's discomfort almost made me let out sigh. My heart rate was ramping up, I could hear it in my ears like I’d just taken a run. I realized I had subconsciously started talking to the dog, trying to chill him out a bit. You don’t need to freak out, just get a fire started… I was switching my gaze between the area my dog was fixated on, and the light in the pond. The light was now moving positions every time I’d switch my gaze. Darkness was just playin tricks on my eyes. Right? I’ve spent enough time on night patrols in combat zones and lots of evenings archery hunting to know how easy that shit happens, especially when your heart rate is up and you’re actively looking for something. Your mind starts to lead you on. That's what this was. Totally. Eventually, the light appeared to be relocating to different spots within the pond at least 25 feet apart. I rubbed my eyes, took a deep breath, and looked at the pond – saw the light – looked up at the ridge – looked back at the pond, and boom: fuckin thing was in an entirely new spot across the whole pond. Ok, well… holy shit. I could feel the tendrils of panic start to flick at the edges of my mind. My hands were going numb, which only happens when my adrenaline is starting to ramp up. I thought again about what Dan had said: “If you don’t start a fire after seeing the light and hear drums from up the mountain, get in the truck and leave as fast as you can. ” Ha. I actually forced a chuckle out loud, the act of which immediately made me realize how anxious I was, and the panicky sound of which made me even more jumpy. That’s when I thought to myself: how fuckin scary would it be if some kinda ominous war drums started coming from up the mountain? That thought triggered a moment of self-reflection – wow dude, you really don’t want to hear the sound of drumming right now. In fact, there’s probably nothing in this world you’d rather not hear right now than drumming. If that drumming started right now, you’d probably jump in the truck and just tear the hell outta here down the road, you chicken shit. I realized everything in my body and mind was working to expeditiously rebel against treating any of this as real, and starting the fire would represent my acquiescence, my surrender to fear. One internal voice would ask: what would it hurt to just start the damn fire dude? The louder, more belligerent voice would respond: because fuck that, this is your land, your little slice of the planet, your god damn terms. This little western folklore can go fuck itself. That’s when my dog let out a whimper. I looked down at him where he was standing on the porch, and he was looking right at me. I tried to calm him down, or maybe I tried to calm myself down. “Dash, it’s ok buddy. It’s ok buddy! ” His tail was between his legs, and he started doing a slow back-peddle as he looked back toward the tree line, then he turned around and booked it toward the kitchen door that opened to the porch. I whipped my head around to look at the area that had him all tweaked out, then back at the light in the pond—new spot, fuck me—then back at the tree line. I could feel my hands and shoulders shaking now. Was I really about to start pissing myself about some light and a folk tale? I’ve had a significant amount of time to practice getting a grip in high-stress situations, maybe more than most. When bullets are flying, and grown men you’d looked up to and admired are panicking, screaming, or bleeding to death, you’ve gotta know how to keep a level head. It had been a very long time, but I forced myself to go through my little internal mantra I’d given myself so many times before: “deep breath, it’ll happen or it won’t, if it does you won’t feel it, you’re more dangerous than them, you need to move, deep breath, it’ll happen or it won’t, if it does you won’t feel it, you’re more dangerous than them, you need to move, deep breath…” Dash snapped me out of it when he started yelping and clawing at the door to get inside, something he’s literally never done in his life. I looked back from him toward the spot in the tree line that had wigged the dog out so much, and I felt the pressure change in the air around me, I felt my mouth start salivating like I was gonna puke. It hit me right then. Maybe it was the dog’s behavior, maybe it was something else. It had only been about a minute and a half since I noticed the light in the pond, but the desire to get a fire going hit me for the first time like a ton of bricks. The need for that fire felt primal, felt like it came from my damn soul. It felt like my unborn children and grandchildren depended on it to survive. I might be a stupid, stubborn asshole, but I’ve always been decent at acting deliberately under stress. I wheeled around and was at the firewood stack a few yards down the porch in what felt like two steps. I grabbed the hatchet and 6 or 7 of the smallest logs in the stack then bounded inside, locking the door behind the dog. I grabbed some junk mail off the counter as I flew through the kitchen toward the fireplace in the living room where I dumped the logs, grabbed a couple firestarter matches off the mantle, cranked open the flue, and took a knee. I had several envelopes’ worth of papers crumpled under the smallest logs when Dash started barking. I looked back at him over my shoulder, and he was standing in the kitchen, barking at the door we’d just come through that led to the porch. What the hell, I thought, that’s not something he does unless whatever's got him worked up is like… right outside the damn door. My body was screaming at me to grab a rifle and go tearing out into the yard, when my mind won: Focus motherfucker. I turned back and struck one of the thick firestarter matches and set it under the papers. Then lit another one, then a third, then a fourth. As I was watching the flame of one sizzle with ignition as it burned into the resin-soaked pulp body of the match, I realized I was pleading internally not to hear drumming from outside. I grabbed the hatchet and started hacking off smaller strips from one of the pieces of firewood, adding them between the paper and logs as I worked. Eventually, I noticed one of the logs catching and dropped the hatchet and blew on the flames a bit. Wasn’t long until the fire was going on its own. I added the rest of the logs into the now cackling fire, and took a deep breath. Dash was next to me now, looking between me and the fire and wagging his tail as though he approved of the work. I pet the dog and checked my watch. Sasha wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. I remembered something else Dan had said the weekend before: when you see the light for the first time, start a fire and call us. I went to the fridge to where Dan and Lucy’s number was, moved the magnet obscuring the last few digits, and started punching it into my phone. Wait a second, I thought. I told myself to just breath and think for a bit before calling them. My body and instinct were still screaming at me to arm myself, get a headlamp on, and go secure the area. But I did, undeniably, feel more at ease. I could feel the panic leaving me. I couldn’t remember if Dan had said anything about going outside after starting the fire… I went to the letter desk where Sasha had stashed the written versions of Dan and Lucy’s warnings, pulled one out, unfolded it, scanned down to where I saw the underlined heading “Springtime, ” and read through it. The last few lines of this section stood out: “Once the fire is going on its own, the light should go out. Go to a window on the south side of the house and look to see if it’s still there. If it is, add more wood to the fire. If the light is gone, the spirit is gone, and you can let the fire die out and go about your business as though nothing had happened. ” As though nothing had happened. Yeah fucking right, Dan. Here I am engaged in some kinda ritualistic pageantry in an attempt to ward off some evil spirit for the first time in my life, and I’m gonna just pivot back to going about my fucking business as though nothing happened. That sentence really pissed me off, or maybe it just rekindled the shame-based anger I had in being frightened of something this preposterous. In fact, my hands were shaking I was so angry. I took a few deep breaths, as I slowly walked toward the guest bedroom-office combo that looked to the south, over the pond. I kept my eyes down as I approached the window, put my hands on the sill, then looked up: the light was gone. That exact moment was easily the most profound moment of the entire experience that night. In the time between noticing the light and finally seeing it gone, every little facet of cognition and emotion in my being was engaged in a violent gestapo-tier suppression campaign against the notion that this “spirit” bullshit was in any way real, and even despite that great effort... an exquisite relief washed over me the second I saw the light had disappeared; a sensation of release I didn't know a human could experience. It was an emotional release, coupled with a fantastic physical relief that felt like I simultaneously took an amazing piss, walked into an air-conditioned building on a hot day, and lost 15 pounds, all in the same second. It made me openly shudder, then smile and almost laugh. The dog was completely back to normal as well, standing next to the front door wagging his tail, waiting to be let outside. I walked back to the kitchen and called up Dan and Lucy’s land line. After a few rings, I heard Dan’s voice: “This is Dan. ” — “Evenin Dan, this is your new neighbor, Harry. ” The slight strain and wheeze in his voice as he started talking suggested he was sitting up or standing while initiating his reply: “Well hey Harry! How are you guys? How’s the move-in going? Y’all getting settled in? ” “Yah, it’s all going fine. Hey, I’m calling because a little bit ago I saw the light in the pond. ” Dan's firmly-toned response came maybe a half second after I finished my sentence: “Did you start a fire? Do you have a fire going right now, Harry? ” I tried to keep some levity and humor in my tone, as though it would help foster the fictional nature of all this bullshit: “Yah, yah I started a fire right when I saw it, just as I promised y'all I would! The light is gone so your miracle cure worked. No drumming either! ” I could hear Lucy in the background let out a muffled “oh thank god” before Dan responded: “Well we are both very glad to hear that, Harrison. We are both very happy that you followed our suggestions. Is it alright if we stop by real quick? We won’t take up much of your time, but we know how, well… unnerving it can feel and we just want to make sure you two are alright. ” “Well Dan, Sasha is in town having dinner with some friends, and won’t be back for a bit, but you guys are welcome to swing by. ” – “Alright, we’ll be right over! ” I felt like a nervous middle schooler all the sudden as I prepared to ask the next question, and could literally feel myself blushing: “Hey, Dan, real quick… so, it’s alright for me to go outside now, right? Y’all said as soon as the light’s gone, it’s fine to-“ “Oh sure, once the light’s gone, it’s all clear. You can usually feel when the light is gone, just as well as you can see it’s gone, which I’m guessing you noticed. We’ll be over in a second! ” I hung up and thought about what Dan had said. He was right. I had… “felt” it. Seems like the dog had too. Unreal, I thought. Even so, I was already back to rebelling against the acceptance of all this ju-ju by aggressively denying the significance of it. I had a plan in my head already working; a plan to settle this bullshit once and for all, but I had to finish part of it before Dan and Lucy got here. I got my 30-30 rifle, a headlamp, my big spotlight, and one of my game cameras (a weatherproof, motion-activated, night-vision camera that hunters strap onto trees to track animal activity at night). I made sure the game cam had a SIM card as I was walking out of the front door, and went out into the night. I scanned the treeline where the dog had been growling toward. Nothing. I went out through the gate that leads out of the fence around the yard, and worked my way down toward the pond. I was definitely on edge, and had my rifle shouldered. There was a cluster of small aspen trees next to the pond that would work perfectly. I strapped the camera around one of the small trees, and flipped open the built-in digital monitor to take a couple test shots to ensure the angle was good. It had a perfect view of the entire pond, bank to bank. I figured if those old crazies really had snuck into the meadow to put something in the pond to make that light, they’d be fixin to sneak it out before morning to keep the ruse alive. I left the camera set up, and worked my way back to the house as I saw the headlights of Dan and Lucy’s truck coming down the road. I got to the porch as they were parking, stashed my rifle behind the grill, and went to meet them as they were heading toward the walkway leading to the house. “Well hey there Harry! ” Lucy said, as Dan was opening the gate into the yard. I gave Dan a handshake and went to do the same with Lucy but she gave me a big hug and said out loud: “we’re so happy you did the right thing, hun. We’re so happy you followed our advice. ” I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I lead them toward the house and invited them in, with Dash trotting along at our heels, ever-ecstatic about any human guest. Dan had a bundle of more firewood in a canvas shoulder bag he dropped on top of our wood pile on the porch: “just in case it’s a busy season for the lights” he said with a smile. I didn’t respond. The notion of that experience becoming common splashed some gas on the embers of my earlier anger at all this insanity. They refused my offer of something to drink, and seemed comfortable but remained standing. “Oh gee, you guys really have made it feel like a home in here, it’s lovely” Lucy said with sincerity and a smile. “Thanks, Lucy. ” Dan looked me up and down and then asked: “So, you still on the fence about all this? ” Yet again, I wasn’t sure how to even begin responding. I got a half shrug and some head shaking out before Lucy interjected: “Hun, you don’t have to believe it’s real yet. I can’t imagine this happened without you feeling the presence of something though, but we don’t need to talk about that. Summertime is around the corner, and you’ll have no choice but to believe this is all real once you experience that. But for now, we’re just so happy you followed our advice. Please, please don’t do anything different next time one of y’all see’s the light? Promise me that? ” “I promise, if that happens again, I’ll start the fire, just as I did this time, and Sash will do the same. ” Lucy looked up at Dan almost as though she was proud of me or some shit, and Dan smiled. Jesus, this was all so fuckin strange. “Good man” Dan replied. Lucy asked that I call them again when the light comes for the first time with Sasha here, which I said I would do. With that, they left. Sasha got home about 45 minutes later, and I told her about what happened. She seemed scared and excited, and was happy I did as Dan and Lucy had told us. She asked me to repeat every little detail from the moment I saw it until the moment she arrived, three times over. “Did you shoot at it with one of your rifles? ” This woman knows me well. “No, but I sure as hell came close…” I set my alarm for 6:30 the next morning, and after it went off, I was in my waders and down at the pond with a rifle, a shovel, and a rake by 6:55. I was gonna either catch Dan and Lucy on my game camera toying with some kinda light they planted, or dredge up whatever the hell it was they’d planted in the pond to make that light and move it around. I opened the monitor of the game camera and saw eight pictures had been taken over night. The first four were of a skunk that had waddled by between the trees and the pond, and the next four were of a cottontail that had hopped up to the pond to take a sip of water. Well then, it's still in the pond, whatever it is. Over the next hour and a half, I trudged around that entire god damn pond five times over. The deepest area of the pond was only about 5ft deep, and I hit every square foot with my rake. Nothin. Lots of sticks, but nothing that could’ve made that light. Fuck me… I walked back to the house, covered in mud and completely soaked. Sasha had gotten up and came out from the kitchen with some coffee as I was stripping off my swampy clothes. She had pretty much bought into everything Dan and Lucy said right away, and had been researching all this kind of stuff all week, so she almost had a bit of a victorious air about her when I told her there’s nothing on the camera or in the pond that suggests what could’ve made the light. She also knew it was bothering me, which it was. I was pissed. Not sure at who, or what, but I was more angry than anything else. I get frustrated by confusion. I don’t do well with shit I can’t explain. Never could buy into any religion, and never have gotten a kick out of any other kind of lore or fantasy type shit. I’m one to keep to the concrete, the explainable, and the expected. I'm used to feeling threatened, but knowing what threatened my well-being, which up to this point had always been another man, or myself. Both were simple to understand. Sasha put her hand on my shoulder as we sat on the porch and I looked over to her as she started talking: “Babe, there’s nothing you can do about this. Sometimes there are things in this world that just can’t be explained by-” My frustration boiled over, I snapped at her: “Like what Sasha?! Like what? Name one fuckin thing you’ve ever experienced that is even remotely like this. Name one supernatural thing that can’t be explained by reason? I saw that fuckin light, and felt something fuckin change. It was in the air. It was in my head. Dash freaked out too. Name one other thing you know of that you didn’t learn about on the internet that you can even remotely compare to this. Seriously, just name one thing. ” “Babe stop, you don’t need to get angry at me, I’m just trying to-” “Trying to what!? Trying to make me feel good about some Native American curse horror story bullshit like this? Trying to make this into something exciting and heady and groovy? Should we have a séance, burn some fuckin sage and lay out some protective crystals? Sash - if this shit is for real, then in a couple months we’re gonna have some demon guy getting devoured by a bear in front of us every week. You get that right? You get that? Dan and Lucy said we have to fucking kill some naked asshole before he ‘tears us apart, ’ you think that’s gonna be all exciting and mysterious? ” I knew I’d gone overboard before even finishing my little diatribe, and I think Sasha could see that too. I wasn’t myself. I felt like crying. She stood up and gave me one of her looks, a look that says 'don't even bother saying shit until you apologize and chill. ' I started my next sentence: “I’m sorry, Sash. I didn’t mean to talk to you like that. I just… what the fuck, man. I mean what the fuck is going on? ” “I don’t know babe… It’s all pretty damn scary, obviously, but I mean we can move. If this is too much for us, we can just sell this place and move. But Dan and Lucy told us how to stay safe, and I think it’s at least worth getting through the summer to see if this is all 100% real. I mean, if this whole ‘bear chase’ thing actually happens, then we’ll know beyond a doubt. ” I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing, but I felt the same way. Even after everything, I figured it could still be some kind of hoax. The bear chase thing though, that’d settle it, right? If some naked dude comes trouncing out of the woods to get devoured by a bear on several occasions, I figured that’d settle it, and there’d be no denying this shit is real. Sasha and I went about our lives. Every evening from sundown to when my head hit the pillow, I was catching every glimpse of that pond I could. A couple weeks went by, and the emotional trauma of the whole “first light” experience was waning. We were happy, and, without a doubt, we absolutely loved the land and the house and our gardens and this whole lifestyle. One evening in May I was cooking dinner while Sasha was in the guestroom putting together some Ikea bookshelf we’d ordered. I was cutting some peppers when I thought I heard Sasha gasp, and as I opened my mouth to ask if she was alright I heard her yell: “Babe, BABE, THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT IS IN THE POND. ” I felt ice run through my veins. My skin went flush with heat at the same time a chill coursed over me leaving goosebumps in its wake. I hadn’t even put the knife down when I busted into the guestroom where Sasha was standing at the window with her hand over her mouth. I looked over her shoulder and saw it, same as before, a small ball of yellow light about 2 feet below the surface of the pond. Sasha looked over at me with wide eyes. I looked back at the pond and the light had moved, just a few feet to the left. I was angry. That’s the emotion this stupid ass little light brought out of me; anger. I knew what to do, but I was already thinking of some other way we could test this bullshit, some way we could probe it, when Sasha’s voice cut through the malaise of my thoughts: “I’m getting the wood, come with me and get Dash inside. ” Before I could even say anything she was bolting through the living room. She opened the front door and took a hard left to go to the wood pile, and I yelled for Dash as I reached for the spotlight we kept next to the door. Sasha was already coming back in with an arm full of wood and the hatchet by the time I stepped off the porch and was shining the light around the fenced yard looking for the dog. I yelled his name a few more times before I found him in the light. He was at the edge of the yard, facing the same spot in the tree line that had gotten him so worked up last time this happened. His tail was down and his hackles were up. Fuck. I yelled again and he wheeled around and bolted for me as I went back up toward the porch. I closed the door behind the dog, grabbed my 30-30 behind the door, dropped the lever to check the chamber, and looked over to see Sasha already underway in making the fire. I leaned the rifle on a chair and bent down to help with the fire, but Sash gently slapped my hand away, “it’s a one-person job, love. I got this. ” She smiled at me. I’ll be damned if she didn’t look excited. I sat down behind her and thought about how lucky I was to find such a rockstar. Dash was in the kitchen and started barking at the porch door that faced the tree line that seemed to have him so transfixed when the light shows up. Sasha looked back at him, but kept working. I could feel fear creeping into me. I wanted to fight something, but I could feel panic competing with the anger. Sasha had the fire going on its own within a minute, and scooted back to sit next to me. I called Dash over, who came and joined us, whimpering as he paced around the fireplace. Sash and I sat there in silence for minute or two watching the flames when she turned to me, “I… feel it. I feel something. Is that just me? ” – “No… I can feel it too. ” Sasha nodded. She looked frightened, but determined. After another minute she said we should look to see if the light’s there. We walked into the guestroom, looked out at the pond, and it was gone. That same feeling of emotional and physical relief washed over me. I even shivered. Sasha grabbed my arm. “Oh my god do you feel that? ” – “I mean, what? ” I asked – “that… feeling of just, a release, it’s amazing! ” She started smiling as she went on “It’s like… it’s like my whole body itched, then all got scratched at the same second, then wrapped in a warm towel! ” We both laughed. “I mean… yah, I definitely felt something. ” Sasha insisted on calling Dan and Lucy, even though I told her they’d just say the same things they said to me. Which, upon arriving, they did. Lucy sat with Sasha for a while, and they talked about the feeling the light gives, and shared thoughts about it. I stepped outside for a smoke. I quit smoking when I got out of the Corps. Well, I should say I quit smoking when I was sober when I got out of the Corps. But I found an old, stale pack and felt like I’d never wanted one so bad in my life. Dan passed on a cig, but joined me anyway, and we sat in silence looking out over the land. After a few minutes he said “I’m sorry you’re dealing with this… It’s a pain in the ass to have this on your mind, in addition to everything else. I know it ain’t my fault but… I’m just sorry. It ain’t easy, lord knows. ” I let a solid 10-mississippi-count pass before letting out a sigh and saying “yah, this is quite… uncomfortable. ” – “Sure is” Dan replied, and we went back to silence. I finished my smoke and walked over to the edge of the porch, crouched down and crushed the butt in the grass. Dan stood, and I watched him as he slowly walked over, leaned on the railing post, hooked his thumbs in his belt loops, look up at the moon, then take in a deep breath through his nose. I watched him consider the scent like one would a wine, then nod to himself and say “summertime’s just around the corner, son. You can really feel it on nights like this… and remember, " Dan looked down at me "spring's the easy one. " Part III.

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Unique Experience "Great Environment to Watch AFL" I have played every week in the past month with mates and we all love it. I've played virtual golf before, but this system is easily the most realistic and fun. Takes less than 2 hours to have a game, a couple of beers and watch the footy! Dan Chamberlain Big Swing Golf "Great All Round Time" Awesome experience, staff were very knowledgeable! Kelly Pearson Big Swing Golf Penrith "Lisa Muras" Great place accompanied with friendly staff who were very helpful and easy to talk to. Great place totally recommend it to everyone! Lisa Muras "Great Outdoors Substitute" Played here today since it was 40+ degrees outside, lovely air-conditioned environment and great range of courses and game types. I would recommend it for families, functions and from rookie to veteran players. Great staff that were helpful, an all round wonderful experience! Corey Cassidy "Sensational Set Up" Just played 18 holes at Pebble Beach in Penrith what a sensational set up. Well done Rod and crew. Shayne Parker "THIS PLACE IS GREAT" I love hitting balls in the Big Swing Golf Simulators because I get instant feedback and immediate data after every shot. My coach, Wayne Rostron, teaches here and we can see straight away the difference a slight change can make to my launch angle, club path and clubface. It makes it so much easier to imbed and trust the changes and then take them to the course. Doug Klein 2017 Qld Amateur Champion ""GET DOWN THERE AND TRY IT"" When I'm not busy playing cricket, I love to play golf, and the Big Swing Golf simulators offers me the perfect opportunity to play and practice. The variety of courses is fun, the staff are great and Wayne's (BSG, Head Golf Professional) tips are very helpful. Jess Jonassen Australian Ladies Cricketer "A GREAT PLACE TO HAVE FUN AND IMPROVE" I really enjoy practicing and I don't always have the time to play holes on course. Here I can have the best of both worlds, I get great data and feedback after each shot, which really helps me when practicing, and then I can quickly play a few holes at the end of my session to allow me to practice more realistically. My handicap has dropped from 16 -12 in the first 9 months of coming here. Neil Jory Handicap 12 Locations Find your nearest Big Swing Golf simulator VIC METRO VIC COUNTRY NSW QLD TAS 1. DANDENONG Dandenong Drummond Golf (03) 9792 1658 147 Lonsdale St, Dandenong, VIC 3175 More Info 2. FRANKSTON Frankston Drummond Golf (03) 9781 5333 424 Nepean Hwy, Frankston, VIC 3199 3. KEW Kew Drummond Golf 9853 3144 320 High St, Kew, VIC 3101 4. PRESTON Preston Drummond Golf (03) 9416 8844 105-109 Bell St, Preston, VIC 3072 5. MITCHAM Mitcham Drummond Golf (03) 9873 8441 514-518 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, VIC 3132 6. MELBOURNE Melbourne Drummond Golf (03) 9329 9989 126-130 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 7. CHELTENHAM Cheltenham Drummond Golf (03) 9583 0677 1156 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham, VIC 3192 8. CARNEGIE Carnegie Drummond Golf (03) 9563 6491 1030 Princes Hwy Service Rd, Carnegie, VIC 3163 9. HOPPERS CROSSING Hoppers Crossing Drummond Golf (03) 8368 2155 428 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029 1. TRARALGON Traralgon Drummond Golf (03) 5174 9811 86-88 Hotham St, Traralgon, VIC 3844 2. BALLARAT Ballarat Drummond Golf (03) 5331 5515 1253 Howitt Street, Wendouree, VIC 3355 1. PENRITH Penrith Drummond Golf (02) 4721 1296 223 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown, NSW 2750 2. STANMORE Stanmore Drummond Golf (02) 9557 8822 68 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore, NSW 2048 3. ALBURY Albury Drummond Golf (02) 6060 1322 639 Dean St, Albury, NSW 2640 1. VIRGINIA Virginia Drummond Golf (07) 3265 2411 2053 Sandgate Rd, Virginia, QLD 4014 2. UNDERWOOD Underwood Drummond Golf (07) 3299 1300 1 Compton Rd, Underwood, QLD 4119 3. WOOLLOONGABBA Woolloongabba Drummond Golf (07) 3891 5611 657 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102 1. CAMBRIDGE Cambridge Drummond Golf (03) 6248 4800 66 Kennedy Dr, Cambridge, TAS 7170 Contact Us Contact our team if you have any enquiries.

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New Platforms and Cross-Platform Support Juggernaut Edition is available with any Xbox Game Pass subscription, and can still be purchased on Xbox One or Windows 10 stores. And now for the first time, State of Decay 2 will also be available to PC players via Steam and the Epic Games Store. All versions of the game are fully multiplayer-compatible. You can always invite and play with your friends through Xbox Live, no matter which store or platform you have chosen. All DLC Included Juggernaut Edition includes ALL the DLC that was previously sold separately. The Independence Pack is now unlocked after you defeat all plague hearts in at least one territory (or if you already have the Total Eclipse achievement). Players who bought the Independence Pack still have unlimited access to it. Daybreak is now unlocked for all players. Players who already own Daybreak receive 3000 bonus prestige to show our thanks. Daybreak owners also receive the “Jugg Skull” leather jacket, to let their enemies know who they’re up against. Heartland is now unlocked for all players. Players who have previously played Heartland receive 3000 bonus prestige to show our thanks. Heartland players also receive the “Jugg Heart” leather jacket, to demonstrate their can’t-be-stopped attitude. Players who originally purchased the Ultimate Edition of State of Decay 2 receive an additional 1000 bonus prestige and two unique outfit items to show our thanks for their support. The “Shaggy Jack” combat helmet and leather jacket show off the legendary mascot of Providence Ridge, our newly-added map. The various pre-order and retailer-specific bonus packs, as well as time-limited special outfits and hats, are still exclusive to the players who have received them. New Map - Providence Ridge Providence Ridge was a town in flux when the Outbreak hit. The rustic charms of an old logging town are clearly apparent in the architecture and industrial nature of many neighborhoods. However, you can also see how the modern world is actively invading this area, from espresso stands that appropriate the town’s long-time mascot to the new housing development being built on the west edge of the map. As the first new map added to the core game, we wanted to make sure Providence Ridge matched the established tone of State of Decay while also bringing new elements to our world building. For inspiration, the team drew on our experiences living in or near the many current or former logging towns that are so common in the Pacific Northwest, from Snoqualmie and North Bend to Forks and Montesano. We’re proud of the results, and we hope you enjoy exploring this new town and discovering everything it has to share. Providence Ridge features five new bases to claim for your own (see below for details). We used environmental storytelling to provide subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints about the nature of this town before and during the outbreak. The map introduces more “verticality” than previous maps, with significant elevation changes from one region to another. Keep your eye out for our town mascot, the flannel-clad Sasquatch known as Shaggy Jack. He may turn up in some unexpected places! And speaking of unexpected places… Providence Ridge has some secrets hiding off the beaten path. Those who search may be rewarded! New Bases Providence Ridge has five different bases for players to choose from. Each base features special design twists that make it feel different from the bases we’ve built for prior maps. We can’t wait to see you exploring these new potential homes for your survivor communities! Firewatch Fortress This cozy, fortified base is built around a firewatch tower and features its own survey point, built-in beds, and an Infirmary. It’s designed to be a great starting base for new players, with just enough room to explore customization before you’re ready to move to a better home. Rusty Rosie’s (Fortified Truck Stop) This medium-size base comes equipped with a secret distillery in the Kitchen, an Auto Shop that teaches the Mechanics skill, and built-in Fuel Storage that doubles as a Watch Tower. Reports indicate that a strange supply drop landed here a long time ago, but has never been opened. What’s up with that? This base is great for the mid-game experience, as its central location allows easy travel throughout Providence Ridge. Westen Builder Supply (Fenced Warehouse) This medium-sized base offers a ton of open space for customization, along with a huge custom storage facility ready to store all your resources. Like the truck stop, this base features an old, unopened supply drop just waiting for the right skills to crack it open. This base offers good access to plenty of scavenging opportunities, making it another solid mid-game choice for your survivor community. Prescott Fire Station This large base offers a suite of unique built-in facilities unlike any other! A fully upgraded Workshop that reduces the parts cost for everything you build or repair A Fighting Gym that also teaches the Medicine skill and upgrades to provide passive injury recovery A Scout Tower allowing you to have 3 no-ammo-cost guards and offering a radio command to scout nearby territory A fully upgraded Firehouse Kitchen that includes food storage A Utility Room that provides both power and water to your entire base Lundegaard Lumber Mill This large base is the first home site in the game to include FIVE large facility slots. This creates massive flexibility for players choosing to explore different base-building strategies. Will you construct an enormous Garden complex to grow massive quantities of Food and Meds? Will you cycle through leaders until you’ve built all four leader facilities? Will you build all three different upgraded barracks? We look forward to players posting their awesome ideas on how to fill this place up on social media, trying to find the strongest build for this wide-open base full of potential! New Combat Style - Heavy Weapons This brand-new category of melee weapons is now available for your survivors. Heavy weapons trade melee swing speed (and stamina cost) for superior reach and the ability to hit several enemies with each swing. We expect the heavy weapons to be difficult to wield for beginners, but rewarding for players who spend time learning the best timing and positioning. Some heavy weapons are blunt, and some are bladed, but they all benefit primarily from the advantages granted by the existing Powerhouse specialization of the Cardio skill. Power Hit — This is a new attack unlocked by the Powerhouse specialization. Hold the attack button with a Heavy Weapon in hand, and then release to execute a powerful uppercut swing and send zombies flying! Cross Check — Press the jump button while facing an enemy to quickly interrupt them. Good if you need an alternative to a big, slow swing. Unlock Flying Strike with the Acrobatics skill for a more deadly version. Heavy Finisher — The ground execution move for a Heavy Weapon can also hit other zombies standing nearby. The game includes 10 heavy weapons at the launch of Juggernaut Edition, with more on the way in the future. Here’s what you can expect to find as you scavenge the world. Sledge Hammer: Simple and durable, this mighty weapon might well last longer than you do. Splitting Maul: The single blade of this mighty tool is honed to razor sharpness. Also provides decent knockdown. B Big ol’ Shovel: Unwieldy? Yes. Loud? For sure. But it knocks down zeds like nobody’s business. Double Bit Axe: Once wielded against towering forest giants, this long-handled axe delivers top-of-the-line zombie-chopping action. Driveshaft Club: Knock the zeds for a loop with this mighty mashie… as long as you don’t fall down swinging it. Hog Splitter: This brutal weapon was originally designed for sundering entire carcasses. It might as well have been designed for post-apocalyptic survival. Coffee Can Mace: Looks cool and delivers powerful zombie-crushing strikes. Saw Blade Sword: Peasants once attached blades to poles to stand against oppression. Now you can follow in their footsteps, dismembering and knocking down your undead enemies. Groundbreaker Shovel (RARE LOOT): A genuine limited-edition Ceremonial Shovel from Westen Allied Construction’s DeLuxe Tool Collection. More attractive and durable than your average implement, but just as noisy. …plus a secret tenth heavy weapon waiting for you to discover it in a hidden location on the Providence Ridge map. It’s out there, you’ll find it. New Starter Experience We’ve completely rebuilt the post-tutorial early game experience. This means that once you leave Camp Osprey after the opening minutes of your first session, you’ll encounter an entirely new sequence of missions designed to teach you key aspects of State of Decay. New arrivals always start their game on our new map, Providence Ridge, in a dedicated area designed to keep things simple. The starting area is easy to understand and navigate at a glance. Nearly everything in the starting area is close together and can be explored on foot. Zombie concentrations are lower than in the more densely-inhabited areas. our first base in Providence Ridge, the Firewatch Fortress, is much simpler and easier to manage than the split-level starter homes on the other maps. The entire base is outdoors, and you can see all your facilities at once. This lets you manage them easily in person, even before you learn to use the Base Screen. There is a built-in survey tower to give you the lay of the land around you. Community members are always visible and easy to find. Our brand-new set of starter missions is structured to ease newcomers into the true State of Decay 2 experience. You are given multiple goals at once, and learn to manage them on the Map Screen. The first time you approach your vehicle, you are actually taught how to refuel, repair, and unload it. All the new starter missions feature in-world mission markers to help you find your destinations more easily. The story focuses on introducing the leader types and emphasizing your role, not just as a survivor, but as the leader of a community. The starter experience ends gradually, teaching (but not requiring) you to choose a leader and claim a new base. We’ve also expanded the How to Play menu with more teaching and explanations. Each leader type, for example, now has its own tutorial screen. We also badge the How to Play menu for new players, to make it easier to discover. Players who choose not to play through the tutorial also have a much slimmer, quicker starter arc to get them into the game. Revised User Interface We took this opportunity to review our user interface and improve it in a few key places, with the aim of making the game clearer and easier to understand. The front-end menu of the game has a whole new look. The list of available choices is better organized, making it easier to navigate. All game modes (including Daybreak and Heartland) are unlocked and playable directly from the main menu. You can easily access your Legacy Pool to view and edit the list of characters available for future communities. The entire in-game user interface has received a visual overhaul to improve information clarity. Many UI elements now feature higher contrast to improve readability. Newly-depleted Health and Stamina meters are much brighter, making it easier to see how much you’ve just lost. We’ve also increased consistency for similar aspects of the game, such as notifications and menu instructions. The Goals interface on the Map Screen has been improved. The list of goals is now on the right side of the screen, not the left, giving it more vertical space. There is a flashy new Story Goals category that highlights all goals that progress you towards your Legacy. Long-term goals now display your ongoing progress — how many leadership candidates you have, or how many Plague Hearts you’ve killed. Long-term goals can now be pinned like other goals. Revised Controls Based on our observations, as well as feedback from players, we made some changes to the default control scheme. We think these changes make gameplay smoother and more intuitive. New players will automatically be assigned this new control scheme, and existing players will retain the older, familiar control scheme (though we encourage you to try out the changes). You can also use the keybinding interface in the Settings menu to change anything you like. Here’s a rundown of what changed: Stealth and Dodge are now split onto different buttons by default. With a controller, dodge by pressing B and enter stealth by clicking the Left Thumbstick. With a mouse and keyboard, dodge by tapping C or the middle mouse button, and enter stealth by tapping Ctrl. This pushes grapple onto the X key. Note that with the new prompted finishers (see below), grappling to finish zombies is no longer as critical. Splitting those two actions has had a cascading effect on the controller: Flashlight has moved from clicking the Left Thumbstick to Up on the D-pad. Radio has been removed from Up on the D-pad, and now is accessible only by opening the Inventory (Down on the D-pad) and pressing RB. We’ve also made some other changes to the way the controls work. Vulnerable zombies now prompt you to finish them off by pressing the Interact button. The existing quick-finisher key (Z by default) also still works. Players using a keyboard can reload while not aiming (using the R key by default). Players using a controller can now scroll through their consumable items in both directions using the D-pad. This has pushed the Emotes interface onto a click of the Right Thumbstick (and T on the keyboard). You can now break out of stealth by holding sprint (with most survivors). Survivors with the Stealth skill still go into a stealth-sprint instead. We increased the responsiveness of the Right Thumbstick when aiming a weapon. We increased the responsiveness and fluidity of walking, running, and sprinting. Note that we still offer keybinding tools in the Settings menu to any players who would rather play with slightly (or even dramatically) different controls. Graphical Improvements As everyone knows, no artist ever considers their work done. They just get their pencils (or paint brushes or digital styluses) taken away. Juggernaut Edition gave our artists a great opportunity to revisit many of the decisions and compromises made in order to launch the original game, adding improvements in a variety of categories. Light We performed an extensive lighting and post-processing pass on the four existing maps (Cascade Hills, Drucker County, Meagher Valley, and Heartland/Trumbull Valley). We improved the color grading to give each map a distinct visual identity. We greatly expanded the luminosity range of daytime lighting. Overall, sunlight looks more natural and material response to light is more pronounced. We adjusted sun position in several maps, making it easier to discern the time of day. We improved dusk and dawn lighting, adding some directional shading to give environments more depth. Vehicle Lights materials and VFX received a visual overhaul to improve appearance. Functional brake and reverse lights added to all cars. We performed a visual pass on bloom and lens flare. Lens flares now appear on the Xbox, not just the PC. Lens flare and bloom thresholds were adjusted to reduce cases of blinding light on the tops of cars. We reduced the overall intensity of lens flares. We improved screen space ambient occlusion. We reduced color banding in low light situations. Night We enhanced the rendering of night-time scenes to use smoother gradients and more accurate color representation. Night skies are generally brighter (depending on cloud cover), providing a clearer horizon that helps with night-time navigation. The flashlights have been improved to provide better, more directed illumination and embrace the horror genre. Your flashlight is no longer over-bright at daytime. We reduced light bounce from the flashlight and widened the beam, giving the flashlight’s illumination a clearer, stronger focus. Environments We optimized trees and foliage to improve performance, increase detail, improve LODs, and improve light response. Grass lighting mode was fixed so that grass now lights correctly in all situations and casts shadows, allowing it to appear more grounded and natural. Paved and dirt roads have been improved. The new roads now react better to light, blend better into the terrain, and have higher visual fidelity. We improved the opacity and appearance of window glass. Survivors Survivors now feature a layer of dust and grime that varies with their morale. Sad survivors don’t do laundry. We improved the lighting on the Community screen to better present your survivors. Survivor portraits now feature a different pose and better lighting. VFX We enabled volumetric fog to provide better, more realistic atmospherics. We enhanced our gore FX with dripping weapons after hits, more effects for dismemberment, and better splatter patterns. We performed an FX overhaul for better look and feel on explosions, fires, and driving. Tiny environment effects like dandelions, pollen, motes, and blood droplets now use automatic scaling by distance to show up better throughout the world. We also made subtle tweaks to other materials and items, such as the Arctic Warrior rifle. Audio Improvements As with our graphical improvements, Juggernaut Edition gave our audio team a chance to revisit prior decisions to improve and expand on the already amazing audio of State of Decay 2. The game’s soundtrack has been greatly expanded with new compositions, alternate arrangements, and gameplay-specific music cues. There are new audio effects for zombie attacks, player actions, vehicle repair, breakable objects, UI interactions, and more. Soundscapes for vehicle driving, melee combat, radio conversation, and general background audio have been remixed and improved. Gameplay Updates Map All Plague Heart locations are now revealed early in the game in Standard and Dread Zones, to help new players understand their goals. The radio command to locate a Plague Heart has been removed in those zones. It is still available in Nightmare Zones, where the Plague Hearts remain hidden. All potential base locations are now revealed on the map as soon as you arrive, to offer points of interest and aid in exploration. Survivors The Red Talon Logistics skill now provides the benefits of Metalworking, as advertised. We disallowed some contradictory trait pairings that made characters seem simultaneously elated and miserable all the time. Zombies Killing a single zombie now instantly creates a moratorium on new spawns in the immediate area, and scoring a few more kills makes that no-spawning zone larger. This isn’t a new system, but it acts much more quickly than before. This means you are far less likely to have new zombies spawn in inappropriate places right after you think you’ve cleared them out. This also creates subtle breaks in the pacing of the game, with more intense fights punctuated by more periods of quiet. We’ve also increased the size of the safe zone around your base to make it calmer for you and your allies — but only slightly, to avoid breaking sieges. Items and Scavenging We improved the behavior of “fallback loot” to reduce the likelihood of nonsensical items dropping in fuel storage, military storage, utility boxes, and chemical storage. The base chance of finding an empty container while scavenging is now 1 in 30 (where it used to be 1 in 10). The descriptions of Hiking Packs no longer claim that they are “low-profile” when clearly, they are the size of a small car. (Community request from our Wishlist. ) Soda Can Bombs now behave like Pipe Bombs when thrown into water — their fuses are extinguished and they do not explode. Weapons and Mods We buffed the impact value of suppressors. At close range, they now do as much damage as before Update 14. Their damage still drops off sooner at long range. We also improved suppressors’ ability to reduce gunshot noise. The new differences between calibers are still there, but the average noise value is back down to where it was before Update 14. For example, 5. 56 mm and 7. 62 mm weapons are slightly louder than before Update 14, most other calibers are about the same, and. 22 caliber weapons are a bit quieter than before. All muzzle brakes now add a chance for a weapon to kick straight up (or as close to straight up as that weapon allows), rather than bouncing all over the place. The additional odds of this happening are +25%, +50%, and +75% for Handmade, Pro, and Advanced Brakes, respectively. The Halligan Tool no longer weighs a ridiculous 1 pound. It is now 11 pounds, as intended. Base and Resources The prestige limit has been increased by a factor of ten, from 9999 to 99999, mostly to make room for all the bonus prestige we’re dropping on longtime supporters. Red Talon Watchtowers can no longer be built at the Bridge Fort base, because this can cause AI-controlled survivors to get stuck in the too-small space between the tower and the upper floor of the bridge and behave unpredictably. You can now check yourself into an Infirmary to delay the progress of Blood Plague, and the game prompts you to switch characters as part of the process. Animation When you hold the Aim button without a ranged weapon equipped, your survivor now fidgets a lot less. We improved ladder-climbing cameras and interactions when playing as a female survivor. We polished and improved stealth animations. Menus Options from the Accessibility section of the Settings Menu have been duplicated into the Gameplay section to make them more discoverable. Mission Fixes Sheriff Missions Sheriff: Stolen Meds — The mission shouldn’t drop rucksacks at the player’s feet anymore. Sheriff: Stolen Meds — You won’t have to get awkwardly close before the bad guys will shoot you now! You’re welcome. Sheriff: Stolen Meds — The mission should no longer prompt you to talk to dead or exiled community members in the case of their untimely demise. Sheriff: Winning Allies — You won’t get stuck if you kill the infestation early. Sheriff: Gone Missing — We now make sure you find the final note, whether or not your companion is alive. Sheriff: Gone Missing — The mission should now have a zombie survivor even when it grabs a one-person enclave. Sheriff: Gone Missing — The mission should now require the appropriate number of bad guys to be killed at the end. Sheriff: Loyalty — We now make sure you’ve defeated the betrayers before completing. Sheriff: Loyalty — Optional objectives to check in with your teammates should go away now when said teammates die. Sheriff: Loyalty — The mission will no longer fail if you leave the assault area before the final scene. Sheriff: A New Order — The final boss can no longer be killed by snipers before entering the final fight. Sorry, sniper friends, but things were breaking. Builder Missions Builder: Pillage and Plunder — The secondary character should now wait until the coast is clear, rather than running into infested buildings. Builder: Elbow Room — You can no longer switch to the secondary character and talk to yourself. Builder: Elbow Room — We now prevent the Builder from asking you to move when you have already done so very recently. Builder: Useful Utilities — The signal antenna should now satisfy the mission objectives. Builder: Gimme the Loot — This mission is now more likely to appear. Trader Missions Trader: A Friend in Need — The sponsor should no longer allow you to both accept and deny their request. Trader: A Friend in Need — The optional objective to talk to your community member should now disappear if that community member dies. Trader: Greed — Those with quick fingers can no longer grab two rucksacks. The Trader enclave benefit “Assault Plague Heart” should now work, be more clear, and be fancy. Warlord Missions Warlord: To Catch a Thief — We now have a much more robust thief that won’t break the mission if they die early. Warlord: Weapons for All — The mission should now end appropriately for each terrified member of the enclave. Warlord: Explosive Heart — The expert now shouldn’t go hostile if you accidentally hit them with their own bombs. They’re forgiving like that. Warlord: The Informant — The bad guys shouldn’t fight you until you’re ready to rock. Warlord: The Informant — The Informant should be willing to get into cars with your scary self now. Warlord: Notice of Eviction — Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the NPCs to break the mission by not going hostile. Personal Missions Action Hero: Fast Cars — The mission now acknowledges when you get to the feral site. Cop Brother — The missions should no longer send you to old bases. The Thing About Anthony — Your community member friend should now trust you enough to get into cars with you. Enclave Missions The Arsehole Enclave (who demand resources from you before going hostile) can now be successfully refused. The Medical Enclave (who ask you to set up a clinic with them) can now complete their arc if the surgeon dies. We fixed AI inconsistencies in the Automechanics Enclave that were preventing them from being helpful during the siege. The apprentice shouldn’t awkwardly rejoin the Automechanics Enclave at strange times. They also will allow you to bail on the food-finding mission before finding food and be less likely to be standing next to said food when they ask you to find it. The truck should no longer be silly-close to the Automechanics Enclave’s home. The Booze Enclave’s Still Life mission should now require the same number of parts, no matter if you’re kind or mean to the drunk character. The Cannibal Enclave’s A Project mission now allows you to loot either site early without breaking. The Zombie Trappers’ Sick mission shouldn’t have any missing VO lines now. Ambient Missions We fixed an improper pronoun in one of the many Local Disturbance missions. The ambient character trapped in a Plague Heart battle shouldn’t run away when you’re trying to talk to them after curing them. The Mysterious Broadcast character who wants you to use Scentblock to rescue them should now follow you at a more appropriate point in the mission. The Übermallet should no longer be masquerading as a bladed weapon for trade. The NPC who wants vengeance for their murdered friend will now give you the option to change your mind. The grumpy survivor who left their weapon at their former home should be in the correct location more often than not. The mission to find painkillers should now update the optional search objective after finding the item, rather than after getting to the house. Heartland Missions Welcome To Trumbull Valley — No more endless plague cures, sorry folks. The Heart of the Matter — This mission should now announce that it has started appropriately, even if you’re not the sponsor at the time. The Heart of the Matter — Santos should no longer give you a duplicate copy of the note if Keesha has died. Neighborhood Unrest — We fixed some errant articles. A Mysterious Request — The mission was mysteriously missing a period at the end of an objective. The period has been found and returned to its proper place. We removed some weirdness that could cause you to see the Doctor’s Outpost enclave move all over the place on the map. A Cry for Help — We removed some extra spaces to make the dialogue more pretty. The Final Battle — We refined when the scene plays when approaching the fourth wall. Miscellaneous Mission Fixes Mysterious Wandering Trader — Entering one of the decoy sites now gives you solid feedback that the Trader isn’t there, instead of leaving you to wonder. Mission objectives requiring the use of a radio command (such as Independence Pack: Get a Pyro Launcher) now badge the command on the menu to make it easier to find. The community advice missions that ask you to do things like build facilities now allow you to refuse them by speaking with the sponsor. Neglected enclaves are now less likely to turn hostile, especially late in the game, where it used to be a coin flip. We improved how missions create enclaves to avoid blocking other key missions. TL;DR: They changed a bunch.


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