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Free season of darkness walkthrough. "improve the flavor of by adding spices, c. 1300, from Old French assaisoner "to ripen, season, from a- to" see ad. root of season (n.) on the notion of fruit becoming more palatable as it ripens. Applied to timber by 1540s. In 16c., it also meant "to copulate with... *skoto. Benight (v...

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Free season of darkness 2016. Temerity (n... "fear of the night or darkness, 1885, medical Latin, from nycto- variant of nycti- night, darkness. phobia "fear." Related: Nyctophobic. Nyctophobia (n... Proto-Indo-European root meaning "dark, shade." It forms all or part of: nightshade; scotoma; shade; shadow; shady. It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek skotos "darkness, gloom; Albanian kot "darkness; Old Irish scath, Old Welsh scod, Breton squeut "darkness, Gaelic sgath "shade, shadow, shelter; Old English scead "partial darkness, sceadu "shade, shadow, darkness, Dutch schaduw, German Schatten, Gothic skadus "shadow...

"suitable as to the time or season, late 14c., from season (n. able. Related: Seasonably; seasonableness. Season (v... 1550s, to be overtaken by darkness; 1630s, to involve with darkness, from be. night. Figurative sense of "to involve in moral or intellectual darkness" is from c. 1600, and the word is rarely used now except in the figurative past-participle adjective benighted. Season (n... In Homer, etc., the place of darkness between Earth and Hades, from Latin Erebus, from Greek Erebos, which is of unknown origin, perhaps from Semitic (compare Hebrew erebh "sunset, evening. or from PIE *regw-es- darkness" source also of Sanskrit rajas "the atmosphere, thick air, mist, darkness; Gothic rikwis "darkness. Used figuratively of darkness from 1590s.

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