Genres - Documentary / Release year - 2017 / Director - Anat Tel

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Not just at the beginning... Why is everyone talking in a british/ausi accent but still calling it soccer.

Fantastic film well worth the Cannes prize

So proud of the movie. big love from Saudi Arabia. free pelastine. All that for a girl? Nah, that sounds a little suspect...


People will watch and but true. More aid than useless Africa. that is hardly surprising as the US has very little need to waste money on that continent! Read the book dead aid - it's a critique by an african journalist about how badly aid has been wasted/mismanaged in the past 60 years.I could also point out the amount of US dollars given to Egypt (the second biggest recipient) along with perhaps the eyewatering amount that is given to both south Korea and Taiwan - but hey they are not Israeli so of no interest to you. Selamat buat film ini! Indonesia tidak akan pernah lupa, Palestina negara pertama yang mengakui kemerdekaan Kami. Gaza jauh di mata, tapi dekat di hati. 💚.

This is so good! Cant wait.


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